OMG!!! It's WebMIDI API!!!

I am not even sure where to start, but new Web APIs like WebMidi is what helps me kill time. In this experiment, I am glad I didn’t have to buy a new hardware. (Yup, you have no idea how many Firefox OS devices I have in my apartment. Some bricked, some still alive, and one daily driver). Anyways, I wanted to test how the WebMIDI api works, and thankfully, I had a Midi Fighter 3d at my disposal, that I bought long time ago (dont even ask why).

This experiment involves creating a WebMidi Polymer JS element that can be used directly by any web app. The link to the github project is this. Or you can directly install it via bower using the following command:

bower install --save web-midi

I am also working on another element called midi-fighter-3d. It is not complete yet, I am still experimenting with it. But here is the working video of WebMIDI api in the demo file of midi-fighter-3d element that uses web-midi element.

I personally believe that this api definitely holds a good future; especially if we combine it with Web Audio api.

FYI : In case you are thinking of testing out the midi-fighter-3d element, I havent tested it on Firefox (I dont think it has been implemented in Nightly yet, I could be wrong). I only tested it out in Canary.

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