OMG!!! It's WebMIDI API!!!

I am not even sure where to start, but new Web APIs like WebMidi is what helps me kill time. In this experiment, I am glad »

Creating Complex CSS3 Animations

Recently, I wanted to create a css3 demo to show flickering of light and after trying it for a couple of times, I was able to »

Playing with CSS3 Filters

Just wanted to see what happens when blur and contrast filters fight with each other. See the Pen Gooey CSS3 Checkbox by Prateek Jadhwani (@prateekjadhwani) on »

Demo for mo.js Library

What is mo.js Library I like to call mo.js a motion/animation library since I have only seen its use in creating animations or »

Firefox OS on a High End Device

It all started with one tweet!! My Phone Runs on JavaScript - great Firefox OS intro deck from @jedireza— dietrich ayala »

Hello World 2.0

You guys must be wondering what happened to my old site. Well, I got tired of all the maintainence work that I had to do every »

Playing with Source Maps

So recently, I came across the word eval-source-map in a retweet by someone I follow. At first I had no idea what that word meant. Looking »

CSS3 Checkbox

A simple checkbox (okay, not so simple!!) made using css3. The inspiration came from this Dribbble Post. See the Pen expswitch by Prateek Jadhwani (@prateekjadhwani) on »