<dialog> element: Modals for the future.

I recently came across a new spec with the name <dialog> element [1]. And decided to see if it works properly. This is what »

Accessibility in a modal

It is said that you learn a new thing every day, and so I did. Accessibility has been in the market for a very long time »

:focus-within pseudo class

I guess I will start with a piece of code See the Pen focusin and focusout demo in jquery by Prateek Jadhwani (@prateekjadhwani) on CodePen. Here »

Network Information API

With technology development in the past few decades, web apps have improved from running simply on a desktop computer to a mobile phone to an IOT »

Storage API: Persistent Large Storage for the Web

TL;DR Early 1990s -Internet User downloads the site and views it on his screen. Reload the page, and resources get downloaded again Early 2005 - »

CSS Rhythmic Sizing

There are always times when you are building a page with multiple columns and the content is a collection of headings and images just the same »

Payment Request API

So I recently came across a browser specification called Payment Request API. Its rare to come across a totally new api while browsing the internet, so »

Building the web with position: sticky;

Last week chrome announced that it is now supporting position: sticky. To tell you the truth, I never knew about this spec. Didn’t even »

Pancake-CMS Improvements - Week 3

This is the third continuous week that I am writing the blog on my side project "Pancake-CMS". The reason that I decided to write weekly blogs »

Pancake-CMS Improvements - Week 2

Last week I posted a blog about my current side project - Pancake CMS. And because of the long weekend, I was able to finish off »